We are an alliance of experts and companies with 130 years of experience in the heart of the fruit-growing regions of France and Italy.
in the heart of the fruit-growing regions of France and Italy.

An alliance that creates value for all and engages us collectively.

We are an alliance of fruit-growing and fruit-processing specialists. We can create a wide range of products that are the pure expression of fruit.

Our employees are experts, keen to deliver the best of this living raw material, putting their talent and expertise, creativity and taste at the service of innovation.

We are an alliance of small, diverse and complementary companies, founded and rooted in the regions where the fruit is grown, proud of our origins and proud to work with these natural, virtuous and renewable ingredients.

Our alliance does not mask our independence or our difference. Instead it offers us a wide range of opportunities to we can adapt to and satisfy customer expectations. Our past and our present have shaped and nurtured our entrepreneurial and pragmatic spirit, our taste for challenge and our love of a job well done.

This alliance, our alliance, creates value for all. It commits us collectively, with our partners and customers.

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