Our business

Our business is adding value to fruit. From product selection to availability at points of sale, we use all our knowledge and expertise at every stage to create tasty, high-quality products.

Our inventive founders produced the first jams in our workshops at the end of the 19th century. Since then, our brands have developed alongside consumers at all times and places in their lives, as their tastes evolve.

From day one, we have been cultivating good ideas, initially to process fruit from our local orchards, then to develop the first individual packaging that would become the market standard, today with our R&D investments to meet consumer expectations and also contributing in our own way to the ecological transition that we must all make together.

We are the product of our history and our regions. This is why we have the most complete range of services to meet the needs and desires of communities, professionals and individuals of all ages and tastes!

The trust and loyalty of our customers confirm the choices we are making today and for tomorrow.